Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Great Kit and Badge Debate

It's been more anticipated than winning lottery numbers in recent weeks but we finally know what the new badge and to a lesser extent, new kits, look like. We here at The Eagles Beak like what we see.

The new Crystal Palace badge from next season
Our view is that the new badge is fresh and revitalised but it still keeps the legacy of where the club has come from. A real identity for the club and the fans.

The new home and aways kits from next season
Not the best picture but the best from those going around on Twitter last night. The home kit is the suprise as it's quite different from what we have had before. It has taken us a good few looks to get used to it but again, we find it quite refreshing. But real judgement may well be reserved until we see the real thing. As for the away kit, we've always been a fan of the black version since our previous dabbles with it. But this one is nice, very nice indeed. Perhaps even a better seller than the home one but we'll have to see.

So you have heard what we have had to say. Now it's your go. Tweet us your views on the new kits and badge. And make sure you make your vote count in our online poll courtesy of Survey Monkey:

The poll is open until midnight on Thursday.

Article written for The Eagles Beak by Jason Crame (@JayTheEagle)

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