Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Day At Wembley

Well it was the day all Palace fans dreamed of, a day at the new Wembley Stadium. 

I was at the game and the pre match build up was something else, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. But the game itself in my eyes was a bit dull first half. I understand that players must have been nervous but to be honest, I'd feel the same.  

In the second half, I noticed a lot of the Palace players full potential starting to take over the nerves, they were attacking Watford left, right and centre.

Personally I thought we should have won the game by three or four goals, we were all over Watford. We opened them up like a can of worms. Watford fans went to watch an event, Palace fans went for a day out, and my god did we show Watford up both on the pitch and off the pitch. 

The greatest display by Palace fans I've ever seen.

Thanks for reading guys!

Article written for The Eagles beak by Josh Taylor (@JoshCpfcTaylor)

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