Thursday, 9 May 2013

Squawks of a Junior Eagle

We are always looking for new contributors for The Eagles Beak and we certainly have one here. Ten year old Palace fan, Daisy Price, shares her views of the season ...

This season has had its ups and downs and, as a season ticket holder, I have seen all home
games with my own eyes from the Upper Holmesdale. Over all of the 46 league games there has
been happiness, joy and sometimes disappointment. With 30+ goals from Murray, as and as a 
club we have had a pretty good season and end up in the play offs.

Dougie Freedman leaving the club was upsetting for some as he was such a great player (my
dad tells me anyway!) but, the arrival of Holloway has definitely spread some light on the situation
for some Palace fans. If nothing else, he is hilarious.

Lots of people have their favourite games and goals from this season but my favourite goal
was definitely Dobbie’s free kick against Bristol City.

One of my favourite games has got to be at home to Cardiff City where we were two nil own at
half time but after another 45 minutes we won 3-2! My other had to be at home to Peterborough
(the last game of the season) where I dressed up as Lois Lane and my brother dressed
up as Superman. The drama and exhilaration was amazing.

The CPalace ladies team have done very well, especially the U-16s who have won two cups
this season. Well done to them!  This has helped to inspire me to join the girls team at school for
which I have been selected for next year.

What has reflected our academy the most, is Wilf being sold to Manchester United. He has had
a very great season and I bet if you type into Google ‘just too good for you’ the phenomenal Zaha
would come up. Well done to him!

Lots of our players have had an amazing season including “May the 4th be with you” Captain Jedi
who picked up a broken eye socket against Huddersfield. Glenn Murray who has scored a total
of 31 goals which is the highest amount of goals scored in all English leagues this season.
Joniesta has had his International debut this season and did very well coming on for Premier
League footballer Gareth Bale for Wales. Yannick Bolasie had his debut for the Ivory
Coast and finally Wilf himself also made his full England debut.

Although the result was rubbish, a silly moment this season was at the Brighton Beamback
where, before the match started, all of a sudden there was a big cloud of smoke and a load of
stewards rushed to the red and blue bar and started paying attention to a heater. Inside they had
pizza boxes and they had caught on fire. This was the highlight of this bad day for me!

Lots of people have shown their support for the mighty Eagles after this day; including Palace
legend Mark Bright who tweeted ‘Best unbeaten home record in the championship had
to go sometime, sprint for the line is on now. I'd rather be an Eagle than a Seagull.’

A place in the playoffs for Palace and a hopeful place in the Premier League is now possible
after another couple of games against Brighton and a final at Wembley. After the play-offs, our
players deserve huge credit and a good break from football for three months.  Also, well done to
Ian Holloway for getting us into the play-offs.

I’m definitely looking forward to next season. If we get into the Premier League, we will be hoping
for great results against big clubs like Man United (again) and London derbies against
Chelsea, Fulham, Arsenal and Tottenham.  I would also like to see Palace play Manchester City.
I was hoping to see Mancini on the touch-line at Selhurst Park this season but we missed out
on this when we lost to Stoke.

It will be sad saying goodbye to a fantastic player like Wilfried Zaha, we will miss him dearly and
we will always remember this legend and his skills at Selhurst Park.

I personally will miss this season as it brought the Palace fan right out in me. This season has been
very positive and in total we have had an astounding average of 16,436 people turn up at Selhurst

Thanks to #CPFC for a great season and good luck to the boys in the play offs.  #PalaceNation!  

Article written for The Eagles Beak by Daisy Price aged 10. (@CoolGirlPrice)

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