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Player Profile - Eddie McGoldrick

Eddie McGoldrick in the red and blue
The second in our series of player and fan profiles on the blog.

Eddie McGoldrick

Eddie kindly agreed to answer the ten questions that we posed to him about his time at Selhurst Park. We thank Eddie very much for his time and for providing some interesting responses.

It was Palace that prised Eddie away from Northampton Town in 1988 to join a team that would see some of the greatest moments in our history. He made 147 appearances for the club and scored 11 goals. In 1993 Arsenal signed Eddie after Palace were relegated from the Premier League and later played for Manchester City. He also capped at international level by the Republic of Ireland.

1. What team did you support as a kid?
"I would describe myself as a football fan from an early age, not to any team in particular although I enjoyed watching George Best play."

2. How did you feel when Palace made their interest to sign you known? Were any other clubs interested?
I was delighted as I knew it was a big club, and having grown up watching Steve Coppell play for Man United and England I knew this was a great move for me. Leicester, Norwich, Derby, Newcastle and QPR were all interested in me but I chose Palace because of the clubs history and Steve's pressence.

3. Which of your goals for Palace is your favourite?
The best goal has got to be the 1989 playoff final 1st leg away to Blackburn when I hit a screamer from all of six yards to give us that vital away goal.

4. Who made the decision to move you to play in the sweeper position?
Steve Coppell, but we had a conversation when I signed that if the oppurtuntity arose that he would play me there as it was my natural position.

5.  Who did you room with for away games?
My roomate was Nigel 'Blazey' Martin

6. Which player did you think was the most underrated player?
David Madden. A gifted midfield player that only played when people were injured.

7. What is the best game you ever played in for Palace, both in performance and atmosphere?
The best game I ever played in was the 1989/90 second leg playoff final at Selhurst Park against Blackburn. We were 3-1 down from the first leg and ended up winning the game 3-0 after extra time. I set the second and third goals up and it was a great victory. Selhurst that day was rocking, 35,000 fans roared us on to victory so it had to be the best atmosphere and most exciting game I was involved in.

8. Who was your footballing hero and who do you most admire from todays game?
My first footballing hero from a young age was George Best. As i got older Rudi Kroll the great dutch sweeper from the 70's Dutch side and Franko Baresi from AC Milan. Great sweeper. I most admire David Beckham from todays game for his continued dedication and longevity.

9. How did you get involved with teh Palace Study Centre?
I was talking on twitter and Palace fan Andy Burton suggested I speak to Susan Biggs the CEO. So I did , went down and had a look at what the Study Centre was all about and what they do and here I am delighted to say

10. If you were stuck on a dessert island with only three songs on an iPod, what would they be?
Thats easy! Beyonce as she is the sexiest .... oh sorry wrong answer ha! Bat Out Hell by Meatloaf, American Pie by Don McClean and Roll With It by Oasis all day long.

Q&A session with Eddie McGoldrick for The Eagles Beak was by Jason Crame (@JayTheEagle)

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