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Player Profile - Bruce Dyer

The third in our series of player and fan profiles on the blog.

Bruce Dyer

Through the power of Twitter once again, Bruce kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his time at Selhurst Park. We thank Bruce for sparing some time to provide us with his comments.

The youth set up at Watford was where Bruce started and he signed professional terms with them shortly after making his first team debut in the 1992/93 season. His progress the following season caught the eye of Palace who paid £1.1 million for his services, the highest paid for a teenager at the time. He made 145 appearances for the club scoring 45 goals between 1994 and 1998. He later signed for Barnsley and after a successful spell with the Yorkshire club returned to Watford in 2003. He also represented England at under 21 level.

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Since retiring from the game, Bruce founded Love Life UK where he coaches all age groups in numerous locations around the UK offering help and support as well as playing five-a-side football.

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The initial conversation with Bruce started around the last league game of the season where his former team, Barnsley, were saved from relegation by a late Mile Jedinak goal. Palace’s 3-2 victory secured our play-off place against Brighton and Barnsley’s place in the Championship. Bruce discussed how he had set-up a game between Palace and Barnsley fans around the same time and how it had been a great event which was helped by the final day drama’s at Selhurst Park.

We also discussed the final at Wembley versus another of Bruce’s former clubs, Watford. Bruce was seated in a box at the Palace end and said that he really felt the atmosphere as a fan and what it meant to the people around him. Bruce had been to Wembley three times as a player.

1. What team did you support as a kid?

“I didn’t really have a favourite team but, as I was bought up in East London so I always had a soft spot for West Ham. The first game I ever watched as a kid was Tottenham Hotspur v Notts County at White Hart Lane.”

2. How did you feel when Palace made their interest to sign you known? Were any other clubs interested?

“It was very sudden, I got a call on the Tuesday and signed on the following Thursday so did not really have much time to even think about it. West Ham and Birmingham also expressed an interest but Palace were the first team to actually provide a formal offer/contract.”

3. Which of your goals for Palace is your favourite?

“Off the top of my head, a goal at Molineux against Wolves where I cut in and smashed it from outside the box.”

4. Who did you room with for away games?

“George Ndah mainly. He was a great room-mate as he was cool and very laid back. Also shared with Chris Armstrong a few times too.”

5. Which player is the best you have played alongside?

"Without a doubt, it was Attilio Lombardo. He had everything in his game, a real team player, very humble, approachable and great guy too."

6. Which player is the best you have played against?

“Not for Palace but, Sol Campbell. He was quick, very strong and nothing got past him.”

7. In your time at Palace, who do you feel was the most underrated player?

“Simon (Jolly) Roger. He used to dig in for the team, was a very hard worker and never really got the recognition he deserved”

8. What is the best game you ever played in for Palace, both in performance and atmosphere?

“Definitely the Play off final at Wembley when Hopkin scored in the last minute. The feeling was just amazing as a player. It was completely opposite to the pain of the last minute loss to Leicester a few seasons before.”

9. Who was your footballing hero and who do you most admire from today’s game?

“Ian Wright was an inspiration as a young pro. He was very approachable and gave me a great deal of encouragement when we spoke at Palace. From today’s game, I admire David Beckham due to his amazing achievements on and off the field. I also played against him when I was younger”

10. If you were stuck on a dessert island with only one song on an iPod, what would it be?

“Amazing Grace. That’s the only one that I can think of right now.”

11. You were known as a pacey forward in your time. What was your best time over 100 metres back in the day and what is it now?

“Back then, it was around 13 dot something. Now it is more like 60 seconds.”

12. How good do you think Wilf Zaha could be?

“If he improves his end product, I really believe that he could one day be up there with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

13. Did you find it difficult to deal with being the first £1 million teenager?

"No not really due to my laid back nature. I loved playing football and enjoyed life so it was not really a consideration.”

14. What advice would you give to an up and coming young footballer?

• Have confidence not arrogance

• Work hard and listen to your coaches

• What you put in is what you get out

The interview concluded and Bruce made his way off to a charity event that he was attending. It was great to speak with Bruce about his career, his time at Palace and I am pleased that he is enjoying life after professional football. I would like to again thank Bruce for his time and wish him every success for the future.

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Q&A session with Bruce Dyer for The Eagles Beak was prepared by Jason Crame (@JayTheEagle) and carried out by Paul Price (@P_CPFC_Price)

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