Friday, 21 June 2013

It Was Not A Dream

Many of us will have had different points at which the incredible result at Wembley finally dawned. I doubt that it would have been the final whistle or even at any stage of that evening or week that followed.

For some it was the Carling Cup draw earlier this week but I am sure I am not alone in that the release of the Premier League fixtures at 9am on Wednesday was it. And it turned into an exciting morning with the usual rumours on Twitter of who we may face in the first game. Journalists were clearly informed ahead of the 9am release, so the leaks appeared and the strong suggestion was that it was a big game at home with the rumoured opponents being Tottenham.

And so it proved to be true, quite an opener and welcome back to the Premier League. With follow up games at Stoke, home to Sunderland and then away at the champions Manchester United it was such a sweet feeling looking through the fixture list. The obvious dates stand out such as Christmas and the last game of the season.

Add to this the fact that the usual websites such as BBC Sport and Sky Sports update their football pages really hammered it home that we are truly a Premier League team. Incidentally, we're currently fifth in the table and in with a shot of the Europa League!

The rumour mill has picked up pace but none seem to have any real weight behind them other than perhaps the potential signing of Jerome Thomas on a free after his release from West Brom.

It is definitely mouth watering times for the club and everyone involved is itching for the season to get underway. It will be tough but we all know being a Palace fan the same as a ride on a rollercoaster. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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